Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dirty Boy.

Another Spencer story to tell, another page for the Spencer section in the All About Us album!

This was last summer - and I guess counts as event scrappin'. The original story was posted here.
I am loving this new Sasparilla paper pack - it has some of my very favourite colours in it Desert Sand, Twilight and Barn Red. Perfect for a dirty little boy!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Page Maps was definately a source of inspiration last week. My friend Kari, had left me the new book to thumb through. Which also had me going back through the archives of the website too. Now, I can't remember which pages came from the book and which came from the website.

It may be lazy - but sometimes I definately need that starter to help me along the way!

Here's another Spencer layout using a Page Maps sketch.

I have already scrapped last summer's trip to Thunder Bay in a mini album and these pictures were duplicates.
So, I pulled them from various places in my category drawers and made a page that hightlights Spencers love of Roller Coasters - which he did not get from me! Both of these pages will go in the All About Us album in the Spencer section.

I still have mor of these roller coaster pictures left over - I think I will store some and add to them over the years - and maybe make another page when he's older - should he still be a thrill seeker!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's a Couple

While I may not have been here, I was still here.

Paying attention to my Library of Memories classes (as of today we're up to Lesson 10).
I'm still catching up on making section pages - like this one here for "Together You 2" in the All About Us album - pages about Georgina & Spencer, together and the relationship they share.

Whilst I may not be up to speed on section pages I am certainly loving the filing system of the category drawers - and how I can pull pictures from one spot highlighting an aspect of someone's personality.

Like this one here, of Spencer.

While I was putting together a layout for a gathering using the Reflections book (still LOVE that book)I was able to pull all these pictures from different times, (different years, even) that all show that special smile of his, in no time at all.

Gotta love that.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Don't get excited, I haven't exactly been productive this week! Monday there I was happily working away on Elsa's challenge, listening to the radio - as I always do - with Mel C of Spice Girls fame in the studio - and the announcer said - caller #9 gets to come into the studio to meet Mel! Well who do you think won that one? Yep, yours truly. They gave me 10 minutes to be there...with passes for three friends. But who do you think I could find at a moments notice? Everyone I know is either an at home Mum or day care provider or working! I pulled my daughter out of school - (had to do that!) and took a reluctant friend. You can see a picture on my other blog.

Wednesday I decided it was time to reclaim my home. I love having fun working on my creativer pursuits - but meantime something else has to suffer - and house work is, I confess, very low on my list of priorities. Two days it took me to spring clean the c**p out of this place. I was tired, aching and sore by the time I'd finished - but my spirits were lifted at having a clean, tidy, organised home once more. Now I can breathe in here.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a day to spend with a couple of friends scrapbooking ALL DAY LONG -bliss.
As week speak my DH is putting up drapery rods in the basement for me to hang finished layouts from. How lucky am I to have the whole basement dedicated to scrapbooking!

Have a happy, scrappy long weekend!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I would like you to meet Elsa.
Like Me, Elsa is not of this province - although, unlike me, she is Canadian!

Earlier today I asked Elsa if she would like to come up with a challenge for this blog. And just as she rose to the challenge of posting her previous layout on the CTMH artboard (& she's getting loads of praise for it there, too, let me tell ya) she accepted this challenge and was back as fast Speed Racer! So, without further ado - here's what Elsa has to say:-

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, Grandmas, Step-Moms and Moms-to-be! Karen issued me a challenge to get my creative juices flowing. I have been feeling slightly inadequate in my abilities to be a (CTMH) consultant and just feeling generally overwhelmed with the everyday demands of life. I remember feeling that way back in the deepest, darkest, coldest days of winter here in Saskatchewan. It was my first winter you see, I moved here in October from the mild west-coast of BC.

Anyways...that got me thinking about a page I had created at that time that really lifted my spirits up. It got me to focus on the aspects of my life I was grateful for instead of dwelling on the negative. Perception is everything they say!

So my challenge for you is to think of 10 things you are grateful for. It could be the smallest thing like favorite slippers or the big things like having healthy, happy children....whatever YOU are grateful for. Use papers you love, funky embellishments you have always wanted to use and try a layout you saw and really like....heck make your own layout as you go! (My layout idea came from the Jan/Feb 08 issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine) Make this all about it up girlfriends, it's our day today!!

I'm off to come up with something myself. Now, Can you do it?

Happy Mothers Day

My new friend, Elsa, who has been worrying so much about her scrap art being "worthy" (don't get me started on that topic!!) yesterday had a wonderful moment, with her children and in her scrapbook room.

I think this scrapbook page is beautiful. The page itself, the photograph and of course the journalling - (W)right from the heart - and that's just where it gets you too.
Now, between you and me, I have given Elsa a challenge - she has to go and post this on an artboard somewhere.

Do you think she can?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Free Spirited Artwork!

Now, when I first saw this paper I was scared - really scared. It's so bright and the colours almost seem to clash (well, to me anyway!)The main colours are a vibrant purple, pink and blue.
Then, as I was flicking through my storage binders last night, I came across these pictures of my two and their adventures with markers (I wonder if we've read that Robert Munsch book Purple Green & Yellow too many times!)

Somehow, combining these pictures and these papers worked.
I'll be filing this one in my new LOM in the All About Us section under "Siblings Forever" - it's a working title!

Now - this is what you have to do - go find some scary paper - away from your regular comfort zone - whether that's going for a bright heavy pattern or toning it down to some real soft pastels (something else that I can't work with!) if you have boys then try and work a traditional girl colour in there - or maybe some flowers. You know what I mean. BUT.......

Can you do it?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

That Grin Factor

These ideas and challenges are coming thick and fast - so enjoy it while you can. You just never know when I'll runout of steam! I'm telling ya - this LOM class has freed me in a way that I just didn't think possible!
So next, I'm thinking about telling a story about someone in your life. Just go grab a picture - it doesn't neccessarily have to be a picture of them in the act of whatever story you are going to tell - just a picture of them. Now create a page and tell us something about their personality.

I've told this story about my husband many times - and he really does this - when we're driving around town, when we're on a road trip, he'll even do this when he's at work driving his truck.
You know what, even if he was in a vehicle with someone he didn't know very well, I'm pretty sure he'd still do it - the passenger just wouldn't be aware of it!
It's a part of who he is. So, this will go in my new LOM, in the All About Us album, filed under Andy.

Now, Can You Do It?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Cards in VERY bright colours!

Card club ran last night. We used very simple formats (from the CTMH origianls program) to create these cards.
I LOVE these basic card designs and I use them over and over again when I quickly need to produce a good looking card.
Just by switiching paper and stamps each time creates a whole new set of cards to fit a theme or sentiment in no time at all.
For someone like me who makes cards the day they become due this plan is perfect!
Last night's card clubs made cards with these colours and stamps.
I went down this morning to clean up and got distracted...and made this!
The colour combo is growing on me - as is this stamp set. I thought I had enough flower sets.....obviously not!

I was cruising past Leica Forrest's blog last night - and discovered that a Crop & Cruise is coming through Saskatoon on October 25th - MY BIRTHDAY - so you better go there now and get yourself signed up for more information - wouldn't want to miss out on this!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Up next...

This time (if your'e playing along) I'm thinking about those pictures you take when you go somewhere and take a picture of the sign or the food or something else that "adds" to the story. How many times when you're scrapping do you actually use them? Anything like me I often don't even print them! So, go to your photo stash, find a picture with not a human sould in it, just inanimate objects and tell the story.

Can you do it?

Here's mine. Using these primary colours was a bit of a departure for me..but it had to be done!

I think this will go in my LOM under the all about Spencer tab.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Madness

It's the beginning of National Scrapbooking Month - something that has grown up around National Scrapbook Day - which is this Saturday, May 3rd.

I've now come to a point in the LOM class where we can just pull photographs and scrapbook as inspiration strikes. I'm still trying to get my mojo back on that one. The head has been in the sand for far too long.

Anyhow, back in January, when everyone was doing the lets scrapbook everyday for a month resolution/challenge thing I just wasn't ready.
I'm not entirely sure I am now.

Even every other day would be good.

Begining to talk myself out of it again......

So, what about just go, go and pull out 4 pictures from one event & scrap a one page layout - quick, tonight. Add a link in the comments section - or just email it over to me.

Can you do it?

Here's mine - ok - & I used one more picture...
I've been looking at these photo's from Grandma's last visit for a while now - I knew I wanted to do something with them - but the story to tell ...apart from the usual (slow Karen voice here) we went to the mini golf and had lots of fun ....kind of story. So I think I'll put this in the People We Love album - filed under Grandma.

Here's another layout from Jenn
I always love her stuff - she's so freestylin'!