Friday, May 16, 2008


Don't get excited, I haven't exactly been productive this week! Monday there I was happily working away on Elsa's challenge, listening to the radio - as I always do - with Mel C of Spice Girls fame in the studio - and the announcer said - caller #9 gets to come into the studio to meet Mel! Well who do you think won that one? Yep, yours truly. They gave me 10 minutes to be there...with passes for three friends. But who do you think I could find at a moments notice? Everyone I know is either an at home Mum or day care provider or working! I pulled my daughter out of school - (had to do that!) and took a reluctant friend. You can see a picture on my other blog.

Wednesday I decided it was time to reclaim my home. I love having fun working on my creativer pursuits - but meantime something else has to suffer - and house work is, I confess, very low on my list of priorities. Two days it took me to spring clean the c**p out of this place. I was tired, aching and sore by the time I'd finished - but my spirits were lifted at having a clean, tidy, organised home once more. Now I can breathe in here.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a day to spend with a couple of friends scrapbooking ALL DAY LONG -bliss.
As week speak my DH is putting up drapery rods in the basement for me to hang finished layouts from. How lucky am I to have the whole basement dedicated to scrapbooking!

Have a happy, scrappy long weekend!

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