Friday, May 9, 2008

Free Spirited Artwork!

Now, when I first saw this paper I was scared - really scared. It's so bright and the colours almost seem to clash (well, to me anyway!)The main colours are a vibrant purple, pink and blue.
Then, as I was flicking through my storage binders last night, I came across these pictures of my two and their adventures with markers (I wonder if we've read that Robert Munsch book Purple Green & Yellow too many times!)

Somehow, combining these pictures and these papers worked.
I'll be filing this one in my new LOM in the All About Us section under "Siblings Forever" - it's a working title!

Now - this is what you have to do - go find some scary paper - away from your regular comfort zone - whether that's going for a bright heavy pattern or toning it down to some real soft pastels (something else that I can't work with!) if you have boys then try and work a traditional girl colour in there - or maybe some flowers. You know what I mean. BUT.......

Can you do it?

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