Sunday, July 22, 2007

Friday morning was wet & stormy - remember? So after watching Franny's Feet on TV Georgina wanted to make a treasure box just like Franny. This is what we cam up with:

This one's a bit more finished - she is older and has more staying power! Totally Georgina's idea to make it look like a present with the ribbon on top.

Spencer is so comfortable with all the tools and cam up with this colour combo (green is his favourite EVER colour)

He TOTALLY wanted to put the snakeskin paper on the bottom of his box!

My turn to show and tell now: This is the 10 from 1 card collection in the upcoming August workshops

I used the Floral Tapestry paper pack from CTMH and lots of Prisma Glitter - as you can see I'm not big on extra embellishments (buttons, ribbons etc - I'll get there eventually!)

Friday, July 20, 2007

I know I said Monday - hey, maybe Friday is the new Monday!!!

I have had many ideas for the next challenge floating around in my tired out brain but none of them really gripped me - you know? Then Jenn was here yesterday and we had a brief chat about the challenges and that got me bouncing all over the place. One thing she did mention was getting someone else to post a challenge.

Famous last words JENN. You will be the challenger for the week I am away. I'll set you up and you can post on Monday July 3oth!

Anyhow, this is where I was thinking, while lounging by the pool yesterday afternoon.
I only just noticed, I only just realised how much I had missed conversations with Spencer. (I know I'm a rotten parent!) We talk about the funniest things while we're out running errands in the van or just hanging out just he & me.
I noticed because these last few days we've been back to almost normal, no visitor and Georgina out at camp it's been regular he and me days again. And he's started chatting again - (because there's no competition for my attention & ears now).

Yesterday while were in the van on our way to his hair appointment he made up a quiz - and I had to answer his questions on how things were made or worked. He would tell me if I was correct or not with the answers!
It reminded me of the many conversations we had about how Spencer used to work at Zeprent (?) where he used to be a train driver when he was bigger.
I need to scrapbook that before it gets lost in the cobwebs of my mind.

GET TO THE POINT!! I hear you cry. Sooo, here's the challenge:

STOP! Listen to your kids today. Hear what they are saying. Create a page about something they said, or a conversation they had, with someone today.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

This is a tri-fold/triangle card I made last weekend - and took it to the stamp club meet on Tuesday night. I think everyone enjoyed making it. I love any chance to use the watercolour pencils and prisma glitter (don't think you can see the glitter in the photo - but I used it to add some sparkle to the fairy and to highlight the fairy dust around "
for you"

Check out the July Challenge post - I've had layouts from Kari and Jenn which have now been added.
I guess I'll have to get another one posted on MONDAY.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wednesday night was scrap night - and Georgina joined in the fun. She had been wanting to do a 7 things about me layout - just like her Mama - and then ran out of room on her 9x9 layout size! She's very happy with what she produced though - and honestly I had very little to do with it! (she wouldn't let me!)
And I love this! I love the picture of her and the colours she chose and all the sparkly elements - she did a good job - didn't she!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Saturday's date is That got me thinking.....

What if I was to give you a list of 7 things with which to build a page
Photos; Patterned Paper; Journalling; Cardstock; Brads; Techniques; Stamps and then said you had to use only one of one item, two of another, three of another and so on until you for to seven of the last item in your list?
What if that page was then about you? and how about that page had to be SEVEN things about YOU, right now, today?
Here's the one I made yesterday. My list goes like this:
1 photo; 2 stamps; 3 techniques (sponging, inking, scissor distressing); 4 patterned papers; 5 pieces of cardstock; 6 brads; 7 things about me (journalling)!

I guess we could make it really fun and make that page at 7am on July 7th, 2007 - but I can't imagine there's anyone up for being here at 7am!


EDITED 08/07/07 TO ADD
: Kari's the first one in with a layout for this challenge

Excellent job with the hand drawn doodles and the colouring Miss K!

EDITED JULY 14th TO ADD: Jenn has been working away and as usual amazes me!

Here's how Jenn used the supply list:- 1 photo, 2 pattern pages, 3 techniques (inking, sanding, cutting -circle), 4 cardstock papers, 5 brads, 6 stamps, 7 journalling.

Here's Tammi's reply to the challenge - WOW - great job Tammi! Here's Tammi's supply list:-
1 photo, 2 letters, 3 cardstock, 4 techniques (stamping, inking, scissor distressing, and sandpapering—I actually had to use a nail file as I couldn’t find any sandpaper), 5 stamps (the ‘A’ , ‘L’, ‘B’, ‘E’ and ‘C’ in 5 of my sentences), 6 embellishments (5 beads? and 1 flower), 7 Journalling.


I'm not the most prolific scrapbooker (or blogger for that matter) butI am a hoarder and a keeper of MANY scraps & pieces of paper & memorabilia BUT all these reminders of days past accumulate around the house - ending up nowhere - collecting dust!
Then with a little bit of (more) inspiration from The Big Picture I came up with this solution.

A place for all of us (KAGS) to keep all our notes, scraps, tickets and tags.
I did consider making monthly pockets - but as it's already July - and my sense of order says you can't start a monthly book in July - I have tabbed sections for each of us individually, a section for "home" and one for the garden (I'm thinking it's a place I can keep plant tags safe for next year).

Now, I won't have all my bits & pieces in a million places - I'll have a million pieces in one place!

I'm thinking this could also work for a pregnancy journal, a wedding planning book, a travel journal - I could be making a stack of these!

Watch for the July newsletter - there are some workshop dates on there to come make one with me!