Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

My new friend, Elsa, who has been worrying so much about her scrap art being "worthy" (don't get me started on that topic!!) yesterday had a wonderful moment, with her children and in her scrapbook room.

I think this scrapbook page is beautiful. The page itself, the photograph and of course the journalling - (W)right from the heart - and that's just where it gets you too.
Now, between you and me, I have given Elsa a challenge - she has to go and post this on an artboard somewhere.

Do you think she can?


Liane said...

That is a beautiful page. I absolutely loveit. Seems like we are always hardest on ourselves. What is up with that?

Glittermom(Brenda) said...

Awesome page! I reflection on your life.

Aspergertopia said...

Love those moments - those a-ha moments that sometimes make your heart skip a beat. Those are the things that often go un-scrapbooked. When they are really the things you most want to cherish!

Beautiful page...and well done for capturing this moment!