Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Up next...

This time (if your'e playing along) I'm thinking about those pictures you take when you go somewhere and take a picture of the sign or the food or something else that "adds" to the story. How many times when you're scrapping do you actually use them? Anything like me I often don't even print them! So, go to your photo stash, find a picture with not a human sould in it, just inanimate objects and tell the story.

Can you do it?

Here's mine. Using these primary colours was a bit of a departure for me..but it had to be done!

I think this will go in my LOM under the all about Spencer tab.

1 comment:

Aspergertopia said...

Love it!!! I have sooo many pictures like this. Awesome challenge!

And your layout rocks! Wouldn't be the same without those colors!