Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finally I finished my least common layout from Lesson 2 of LOM. Going though the albums and labelling them really was the easy part. I think I made the scrapbooking part harder than it needed to be by not stopping to think ..... .... about what I was doing (pretty normal for me!).
I put pictures of my very special pen-friend & I together from every visit we've ever had - the first in 1987 the most recent in 2007 - but then I still had to answer why. Why what? Why we're such good friends? Why we're still friends? Why she inspires me to be a better person?
Lesson learned - have the story in my head first. It was so hard - I wanted to write the WHOLE story of how Leanne & I became friends and where we are at now in our friendship - and I had to stop myself, over & over again.

The story of Leanne & I will, I am sure be a HUGE section in my new Library of Memories albums - under People We Love and in Places We Go. I could probably even squeeze out a few Things we Do too!

I've never worked so hard on getting the journalling right - but I'm glad I did.

Lesson 4 will be up in 2 days time - so now I had better go get busy completing the tasks from Lesson 3!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lesson Two of the Library of Memories class requires us to go through all our completed layouts (in or out of albums) and label them.
The Library of Memories system incorporates album titles of All About Us, People We Love, Places We Go & Things We Do.In tagging these layouts it stands out loud and clear what we are scrapbbooking and more importantly what we are not scrapbooking.
People We Love (which includes our extended family and our friends) is the section I tend to gloss over - rather a lot actually.
Funny looking back at the old stuff with a clearer view from before I was too bothered about how a layout looked - but the photo and journalling memories were there - even if the page was only decorated with a strip a triangle and a "sneeze" of stickers.
When I started scrap booking (2004) back in the UK, we didn't have a computer, and there were no scrap booking magazines (unlike now). My sole source of inspiration was Creative Memories (& yes, it is ok to mention the words). Now, here I am with a scrapbook magazine addiction, overwhelmed by all the diferent styles and trying desperatley hard to make a page meaningful - by how it looks - that what it's really about has been lost.

Time to make amends. I LOVE this class. I knew it was the right thing for me to do and I will succeed.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Liquid Applique as a Lamb!

I made these wiper (as in windshield wiper I guess) cards last week.
They are a set of four - although only two (so far) have made it up to have their pictures taken - and rather hurriedly at that - Easter is next weekend after all and these cards need to travel half way round the world!

I had only previously thought of Liquid Applique in terms of winter and snow - until last week when I had "a moment". We had fun with the card club girls creating these - playing with the LA - one poor lamb had his wool in rows instead of curls and swirls - to which I commented how it looked like an old ladies perm!!!

The other Easter card I manage to make is this little chick all "egg cited" about his extra large egg!

The kids made their teachers Easter cards today and loved using the LA to make their lambs - Spencer was fascinated watching as it bubbled and puffed up!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another blank

this is another blank - still no picture to complete it. I have to confess that this is a complete scraplift from a Maggie Holmes layout published in Memory Makers January 2008 edition (pp86). Right down to the subject - "sometimes I wish.........."

At the moment I am having too much fun pulling photos from all their hiding places and organising them Stacy style.
Tomorrow sees the beginning of week two in the Library of Memories classroom - with a chat on Saturday morning - can't wait for that.
I've printed all the photos from 2007 that I would like to scrapbook and I'm working through 2006 - I'm just about ready to hit Costco with the next installment. The girls up there are getting to know me!

The best thing so far? I finally bought myself a kitchen timer - (ok, so it's a nice sleek, black KitchenAid one!!)and I set it for 15 minutes to get me through a task. Right now I know it takes 8 minutes to flat iron my hair (Time left over!) and 10 minutes to put orders in bags and staple the orer form to the front! This little timer is so much fun! Focused on the task at hand for just 15 minutes - stuff is getting done! (And I'm not stopping off at the computer to daydream for half an hour!)

Scrapbook Saturday this weekend - and it's a 9am until midnight session. Better get organised for that one then....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

All About Me - Life List

This is a layout I put together for the All About Me girls - as you can see - I still haven't put the pictures onto mine.
The chocolate (CTMH) brown cardstock is meant for a collage of pictures to represent a persons Life List. The note book paper is plain colonial white (CTMH) cardstock stamped with journalling jots and some flourishes from the doodle aplphabet.
You can see Tammi's version here