Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's a Couple

While I may not have been here, I was still here.

Paying attention to my Library of Memories classes (as of today we're up to Lesson 10).
I'm still catching up on making section pages - like this one here for "Together You 2" in the All About Us album - pages about Georgina & Spencer, together and the relationship they share.

Whilst I may not be up to speed on section pages I am certainly loving the filing system of the category drawers - and how I can pull pictures from one spot highlighting an aspect of someone's personality.

Like this one here, of Spencer.

While I was putting together a layout for a gathering using the Reflections book (still LOVE that book)I was able to pull all these pictures from different times, (different years, even) that all show that special smile of his, in no time at all.

Gotta love that.

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