Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello Monday

Here I am back from a quick weekend trip to Edmonton with some girlfriends. It's amazing how much faster we the journey seems to go when there's no kids in the vehicle! It's also so much easier to spend ALOT of time in IKEA without the little darlings too.
I bought this huge canvas print called "Westminster Bridge" - it's a foggy, black & white featuring a London taxi cab and a routemaster bus in all it's red glory - fitting perfectly with our family room - and of course there is that connection with our old home too. I think the Doodlebug has a black cab and a red bus up in his room...I might borrow them for a shelf down here. Then all I'll need is an old telephone box!

Cathy Zielske has another gove away over on her blog today - so I'm off to leave a comment in the hopes of winning this one. I've signed up for Design Your Life - Cathy's three month long class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It starts this Thursday. I so want to get with the program and stick with this one. I've been waiting all year for Cathy's class.
Tomorrow see's the end of 30 Days hath September a class that Stacy Julian has been teaching as part of Have More Fun at BPS - and Jenn, I'm sorry, I totally bombed on this one. Hope you did better than me!
Ali Edwards is coaching us all along documenting "A Week in the Life". I think a week is much more managelble for someone with a little more attention than a goldfish (that would be me) so I might try that.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Celebrating Friendship

Miss Daisy's friends really enjoy coming over for a papercrafting party. This year they were all excited for more (do you know how excited a gaggle of girls at this age can be?).

Remember the invitations we made at the weekend. Each invited guest had to bring their invitations with them - so they could be used as part of the scrapbook page.
Martha Stewart's butterfly punch sure comes in handy concealing the girls identities. It's a 9x9 scrapbook page. Daisy's own album is just that size - so hers will fit in there perfectly.

They also decorated these pots. I've been collecting empty hot chocolate pots forever. I knew they would come in handy one day.
I think the girls were more exicted for the pots than the scrapbook page!

Yesterday, Cathy Zielske, was offering up tickets to CKC in St. Paul, MN. I know we're nowhere near there - but I figured it was worth a try. I added in my comments the story of my writing buddy & I, in the hope that would seal the deal.
Sadly, we didn't win - but I think CZ herself was over here last night checking out the blog, well someone from St Paul was - and she did that earlier this year when I one prizes on her blog. Remember? (You can see it here)

Monday, September 22, 2008


It's Miss Nina's 11th birthday this week. The invitations went to school this morning.

Don't they look just a bit like cupcakes?
They're tiny too - just two & half inches high and three and a half wide. I used a pattern from the new Originals program.
I had the most trouble trying to tie those ribbon bows.
The cupcake stamp itself is on a much bigger stamp - so I just had to exclude the bits I didn't want.
The Fastenator staples were on sale on my last visit to the local scrapbook store - and the Nina insisted we use them for her birthday invites.

There was a shot of the inside of the invitation but you don't really need to know my telephone number and address.

Last year we had a scrappy party - and it was very successful - so of course it's back by popular demand (or maybe it should just read that it was demanded!!)
I'll let you know what we get up to!