Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I just posted this picture on my other blog HERE.

I am so happy to have found Tracy Joy and her beautiful camera bags. In fact, I think I could be starting a trend, right here in Saskatoon.
Kari is waiting for hers to arrive. It won't be long before Tami feels the need and then Jenn's got a birthday coming up pretty soon too.
I love messenger bags - can't be doing with anything that has to be constantly hoisted back up the shoulder - and I knew I wanted to be hands free while out and about with a camera and still have room to store a drink and a snack for at least a child!
Here's my Kristine bag today - loaded with a camera, "the big lens" a wallet, keys and my creative planner - oh and I found a Lego Star Wars clone head in there too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Add this to your list.

One to look at today. I discovered this Saucy while reading over at Leica's blog. Since the very first day I've been hooked. There's always something going on, some fab ideas - all wrapped up with a good sense of humor. You should go there now and enjoy. Really.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doodle inspiration

Mum sent Georgina this cute little top from Next (still love that store - so wish there was one here). It's so cute.

I couldn't resist taking little detail pictures too

and this one on the side of the hood.

Isn't it just perfect fir little girls? Couldn't you just use that design for a doodle on a girlie scrapbook page?

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is what happens when you use several - or maybe a few more than that stamps and some black ink to create a random stamped paper. I love doing this. I always start with the largest stamp and place it a few times (randomly) across the paper, then I go down to a slightly smaller image and give it some more. The most engrossing fun comes with the smallest stamp you can find and trying to find another gap to fit it into. Somewhere in the middle of creating this you come to a point when you think - ugh this is not going to work breathe, relax, keep going - it'll look great - I promise.

With this one there was really no point in creating a pattern because I was about to cut it up!

I used it to create these cards.

The girls arrived for Card Club and loved what they saw - thinking the patterned paper was just that. Ha ha - I can't just make cards - there has to be some sort of hard work involved!

Hey, isn't there some new paper out that you can doodle and colour in? Save the bother and make your own! I think I might just sit down and colour one in with some pencils - just for fun - what do you think?

When your taking pictures with your dSLR do you mess with the focusing- I do - I try & make things look like what I see - withut my contact lenses in - you know - just for fun.

These random stamped papers really mess your eyes up - look! My brain (& I) get all confused and don't know whether or not to focus - and I can't remember if I'm wearing eye wear!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Long time, no hear, I know I know. Having no computer for awhile there really put me of my stride - and then I just lost the bloggin' mojo. Espcially for this blog. Have to create something, have to take pictures, load them up - you know how it is. I wouldn't mind, but it's not like I haven't been creating, and I take pictures and upload them almost on a daily basis. Just ....need to ......concentrate!

Here's another quick birthday card I made for a boy. Apparently it went down a storm with the party go-ers - so that's a good sign!

I have loads more to show and share - so I'll be back soon.