Thursday, February 26, 2009


I actually emailed a picture of this to a friend earlier today - I wasn't sure if it was worthy of putting on here - it totally felt like I was just playing and having fun.
I mostly wanted to try making those funky flowers that seem to be everywhere right now.

The sun was an afterthought. I keep thinking that maybe it looks like an octopus? Have to say I saw the Daydream paper in a different light whilst creating this! And that little green piece behind the last toadstall in not meant to be there - but didn't realise until after I took the picture - and now the sun is in the wrong place!

I would love to hear what YOU think to this one.


jkddz said...

I too thought about making those flowers you are right they are everywhere... looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture and lay out!!
You are really clever!! Mags xx

Aspergertopia said...

Again, my dear friend. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Well done! It looks fantastic.