Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twenty Four Hours

Last summer we took a road trip to Drumheller, Alberta in between visitors. We had just 24 hours to spend in the dinosaur town. It takes a good 5 hours to drive each way.
When we got back, of course along with all the happy memories I had LOTS of pictures. After sifting, paring down and printing I had just over 90 pictures I wanted to use. Too many for one scrapbook page. Not enough to dedicate to one album.

I decided to try Photo Album scrapbooking. Something Stacy Julian had introduced us to in the Library of Memories class.

Just a simple $3 slip - in photo album from WalMart remove the cheesy front (slip in) cover & replace with your own fitting cover.

an introduction page (another first for me)

and we're off

see how I had no trouble at all "letting go" cutting photo's to fit in each slip in slot.

I chose about four colours that I thought worked with the theme and feel of Drumheller

I used the same stamps sets all the way through. There was no re-inventing the wheel with every turn of the page.

In the journalling spots I stamped a time for each location we stopped at - to emphasize that 24 hour theme.

I even slipped in some pictures and didn't feel the need to run any narrative

I cut and slipped in the map for the Royal Tyrell attaching the extending parts to cardstock

and this to the flip side.
I even slipped our entry ticket in behind this page.

The only picture I didn't take here was of the poor woman walking around with her dressed tucked into her underwear :0 (The dress was a bit odd anyway...& I couldn't decide if it was part of the design - and get this the rest of her family - who were walking behind her did nothing either. )

Anyhow, this photo album scrapbook is probably the fastest thing I've ever put together and I love it.

And I still can't believe we did all that in 24 hours!


Aspergertopia said...

I love it too! I have only made a few. But I love how quick they are. A great way to scrap an event. Also perfect for little hands. I have plans for a few more this month. Perhaps that's what I'll work on at your event.

Anonymous said...

I love that idea!!! I may have to try that one sometime!