Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get Creative

Good Morning Science Trek. You guys are going to have so much fun this afternoon creating some scrapbook pages! Ms Chan & I thought you'd like to see some artwork to give you a few ideas - so I thought I'd quickly give you a few links for places I like to go for inspiration!

Kelli Crowe is really fun - you can see a gallery HERE

Vicki Boutin is Canadian and her work is lots of fun too go HERE

Leica Forrest is fun and she's right here in Saskatoon - go HERE

Sassfrass is a product line - they have some great stuff on their blog HERE

One more is Pencil Lines - they publish a sketch - and layouts using that sketch you can see them HERE

Page Maps works along the same premise - look HERE

Have fun browsing all these wonderful galleries and we'll get really creative this afternoon! I have to tell you last year when I came in to work with Science Trek it was the boys who really impressed me with their creativity!

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