Monday, February 9, 2009


and then she rested. That's exactly what I did yesterday. SSS was ( I think, I hope) a success. Thank you to everyone who came. What a wonderful bunch of ladies to try out on. Everyone got along really well, lots of creativity floating around and ideas bouncing off each other and best of all - lots done!
The food disappeared - I guess that's a good thing. I'll make more chocolate chip shortbread and purchase even more liquorice allsorts for next time!

I really enjoyed visiting with everyone - and I could still join in the chatter from the kitchen - so I didn't miss a thing!

Next one is March 7th - so email me or leave a comment now and get your spot reserved early.

I began working on my inspiration binder when I had a chance to sit down throughout the day.

This is an idea from my latest Big Picture class - Organised & Inspired with Wendy Smedley. I really wasn't sure about cutting up my huge magazine collection - but you know what?

I'm loving it.

Just had to breathe, and let go. It is ok to cut the magazines up. So I started with CK for 2008.

I've noticed I have a bit of a thing for all the really fun layouts - not so much for the blocky stuff - and I have a big thing for blue and red - doesn't matter what shade but I'm all over it!

Already I can flick through this burgeoning bundle of collected scraps and feel inspired by everything I see.

Now, can I cut through Canadian Scrapbooker?

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Aspergertopia said...

I had fun in the very short amount of time I was there. Oh, and I looooooved the process of cutting up my magazines and gluing my fav's in my own inspiration book. There was something so freeing about it. No more hunting for my fav ideas. I even cut up my most recent mags. and then I went on to my others - Can. Living, and family fun. Planning on having various sections in a binder for these.

Now today, I am going to start this weeks purge work. My dad has the ceiling up and the walls up to my room. Won't be long now. Woo hoo.