Monday, February 23, 2009

Total lift

So this one is a total lift.

But I have to tell you this much, when I saw this layout by Elizabeth Kartchner in Creating Keepsakes January 2009, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

From the paper, to the story.

Everything just clicked into place.

I always thought that I looked through magazines, sometimes tagged the ones I liked and then placed that magazine in it's chronological place in a magazine file and forgot about it.

Then, thanks to the Organized & Inspired class at Big Picture Scrapbooking and the freedom it's given me to actually cut....those bad boys....up I've been revisiting all those back issues and going oh yeah that totally reminds me of a story I want to tell.

So I cut it out and slap it in my inspiration binder (which is now two binders - but that's because of all the magazines I had let me tell you!)

Did I tell you already how much I love those Inspiration Binders? Except I think I might be getting addicted to cutting up magazines now, need....... to buy more........ to cut them up.

1 comment:

Aspergertopia said...

So looove this layout! And thanks for the extra mags. I'm itching for a new one. Just so I can rip it up. And this goes for any mags. Not just the scrappy ones. Believe it or not, I ripped as I went through the new family fun mag. I love my binder. So inspiring!