Saturday, January 19, 2008

A quick update

See this is why I don't make New Years Resolutions - they fall by the wayside far too quickly. I do want to keep regularly posting on here though - and I will.

The hold up? I guess it's 'fess up time - I went to Karis scrapbook saturday last week and managed to do 5 or 6 layouts....except I didn't do the journalling...and on e layout in particular needed something "more". I bought it home and started working on it - two days later I had ripped it apart and started again. Still couldn't get it right.. so now I have banished it to the far corner of my scrap table and I'm refusing to look at it for a few days.
That one page has taken up all my time, wasted my time. I'm ready to move on though -and the remaining layouts should be a piece of cake, a walk in the park compared to this last one!

I've just finished and emailed a very late January newsletter. If you didn't get your email me! The Card and All About Me clubs will be starting up in February -if you want to join in the fun you'll have to contact me about that too! (I think my email address is linked on the profile page - I still can't figure out how to get it in the text here!

Taking this morning nice and slow - last night I was out at the Michael Buble concert. He is very yummy - so I think I might go to my (scrap) room and put his CD on for awhile.......

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