Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inspired Brad Storage

The other day I was browsing the galleries for the Big Picture class I'm on (ok, one of the classes I'm signed up for!) When I came across this really cool idea for storing and displaying brads. This rainbow arrangement of brads, put together by an obviously very creative mind, is just what I needed.

The other day I came across a pack of four cork tiles in the 75% off bin at my local grocery store. Now I had no excuse not to have a go at creating my own display.

My eyes have gone a little screwy from putting it all together - but I love this really useful piece of art - and best of all I can just pick it up and take it to a crop - like Leica's one coming up this weekend!
I think I will display it there on the plate rack too!

You know what I am amazed by - just how few red brads I have. I wonder if that's because I use so many - or never think to buy red?


Aspergertopia said...

Looks so awesome K!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, its Diane (dpayne) from BPS. I'm glad you liked the brad corkboard, although I can not take credit for the original idea. I came across this idea while cleaning out all my old scrapbook magazine issues of Creating Keepsake. Gotta love "Get Organized, Be Inspired" for allowing me to let go of things taking up space, like magazines 5+ years old. It is so freeing to get rid of stuff. Of course I had to pull every AE article before tossing. :-) You have a nice blog, I enjoyed looking at your layouts and I love the little birdie in your blog header. Good luck on finishing your organized and inspiring room!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea! Mags x

jkddz said...

I forgot my tile at your house the other night .... but I an doing that too... funny how we both saved the same image... and it will be way easier to take to scrap days then 3 containers of brads...
see you friday for sure

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Wow!!!! That's really cool!

Doris said...

great idea!

Doris said...

FROM ANOTHER DORIS: So glad I read this, since at first I thought it was a card. Can you imagine the postage it would have taken????

Laura said...

Love this. What class gallery did you see it in? I want to sign up for a couple of classes and can't decide. Would love to know hat one inspired this picture. Thanks.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

This is neat, Karen.
I liked reading your "about me" section. You sound like me. (What is an LSS?)
I'm not a scrapbook person but I do like looking at what people do; it really is a personal thing, like you said. I do like to make my own greeting cards and I do LOVE paper crafts.
I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I may link to this post if that's okay. It would probably be tomorrow.
See you around Blogland!

CreativSpirit said...

Apart from being a great storage idea, it's so decorative. Great idea and thanks for sharing it. And yes I agree, you can always use more brads.

Rob in Australia