Sunday, March 8, 2009

Defining Moments

Things are changing around here. I'm trying to adjust to some new routines - and probably causing more chaos in the process. I haven't had as much time to scrapbook this week that's for sure. This is one that I finished last week.
Can you tell I'm trying to use my new found colour choices of blue and red? I can't resist a bit of orange either.

So, this afternoon, I'm sitting at the table with my son, making a number line with some brightly coloured beads when he decides to inform me that he knows what puberty is!

You know those moments when you've just taken a sip of tea and the snort of laughter sends that drink up the nasal passage? Yep. That was me.

I had to ask. I needed to know what this new phenomonen meant to him. It's good. Really good. So good I actually reached for a pen and some paper to make sure it's remembered forever. Ready?

Puberty is when you fall in love with someone and then kill them.

I guess all those raging hormones could induce some overwhelming feelings - but I think he has the wrong end of the stick.

Maybe it was a moment of temporary (in)sanitary?

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Anonymous said...

That is absolutely brilliant!! I am crying with laughter, has made my morning!! Lots of love Mags xx