Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Giving It Away - help needed

Last month when I came out of hiding the blog was at 6276 hits. It's gone up by 700-odd since then. So I think we should have a little celebration.
Can you help me?
This layout is one I started at the weekend.
It's finished apart from a title and no matter how much I play around with words I just can't get something that grabs me.
Do you have any ideas?
Post me a title in the comments or just stop by and say hi - there's another package of trash to treasure waiting to be sent out.


Scrap Jaci said...

Here are a few ideas...
Take the Plunge
Taking a Plunge
Dippity Doo
Ready, Set, Dive

That's all I have right now lol!

Anonymous said...

Splish Splash

Anonymous said...

Take a Dive!
Going, going, gone!

That's all I have,
Dena K

Aspergertopia said...

Love the layout!

As for a title, you're gonna get nothing creative out of me.

I am all for telling it like it is right now. So I am going to go with...

You're A Natural - (using a few different fonts).

Anonymous said...

My brain is on a break from being creative, so mine is pretty simple...Dive In!

The layout is awesome!

Anonymous said...

'Daisy Diver'
'Diver Diva'
All I can think of at the moment!!
Mags xx

Mare said...

Great Photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note. It's always nice to know who's stopped by. :)


Saucy said...

I like simple titles too and actually lots of my pages are title-less. I was going to suggest "Dive In" but Kristy beat me to the punch.

What about...

"Diving Miss Daisy"

Tiffany said...

I like "Spring-ing into Action"

Love the layout, I will have to remember this when I finally get unpacked and back into my scrapbooking!

Talk to you soon!