Sunday, March 22, 2009

All SKrapped Out

Don't you just hate LONG line ups! Had the mission for coffee been just for me I would not have joined the line. However, there were six others depending on a succesful mission.

I arrived at the Saskatchewan Scraps event with just enough time to deliver the coffees and bring in my laundry basket of supplies before our first class with the wonderful Jill Hildebrand.
The class today was colour blocking. Had to giggle to myself and share with my friends - half the papers in the kit were from Close To My Heart!

In just over an hour I put together to scrapbook pages. Amazing what you can do when you only have a certain number of supplies and not an endless choice!

There's always a table decorating competition at Saskatchewan Scraps. You may remember that at the last event - we won for our Night Owl pyjama party.

This year we arrived in our vintage housewife aprons, used vintage dressmaking patterns for our table cloth - along with confections made from paper.
On display we had lots of vintage finds and notes about proper behaviour for the 50's housewife.

Although we are probably one of the noisiest tables when it comes to standing up and showing off our creations we all scrabble to hide and not be the one to speak. Thankfully Mel is always there to ensure our entry is the winner.

Yes, thanks to Mel, once again we walked away with the table decorating crown - and the goody bags! The girls are already whispering and plotting our next entry!

In the afternoon we all took Allison Orthoner's photography class. What an amazing woman. Allison de-coded the man made instructions of camera gobbledy gook and gave ous some wonderful visual cue's - including bright blue speedos.

I know, they're not bright blue, but even though this is Simon Le Bon - you still wouldn't want this lurking in the background of your photo - or any other distracting image!

After the class it was time for a practical. We all chose a spot and were challenged to take 5 very different pictures.
This is one of my favourites.

But I also caught these guys in my sights
Tammi's nylons were a constant source of entertainment luckily she always takes the ribbing with good humour.

Thanks Leica for another great event. You are such an inspiration to us all. How you manage to organize a fab event like this and do all the other stuff you do as well as take care of your very busy family is beyond me. Thanks for bringing it all together right here in Saskatoon. Thanks also to Leica's Mum Gwen for all the delicious food and refreshments. Mmmm! Loved that curried chicken too!
These events are just great for the scrapbookers soul and I can't wait for the next one (hint hint!)


Aspergertopia said...

Good Times ;)

jkddz said...

it was a blast!!! I hardly have any photos though... could I get copies of our groups if and when you all have time.
Tammi and her knee highs- a load of laughs!!

Sheryl said...

Hey, hust stopping by. I had a great time this weekend. It was so nice to stop and chat with you. Yes please fell free to link my blog with yours. Do you mind if I put a link to yours on mine? Have a great week.

scrappaleica said...

you guys still are the best costume partiers around! I'm adding you all to my blog RIGHT now! let me know if I am missing someone, since you guys don't use your names ever!LOL!