Monday, September 22, 2008


It's Miss Nina's 11th birthday this week. The invitations went to school this morning.

Don't they look just a bit like cupcakes?
They're tiny too - just two & half inches high and three and a half wide. I used a pattern from the new Originals program.
I had the most trouble trying to tie those ribbon bows.
The cupcake stamp itself is on a much bigger stamp - so I just had to exclude the bits I didn't want.
The Fastenator staples were on sale on my last visit to the local scrapbook store - and the Nina insisted we use them for her birthday invites.

There was a shot of the inside of the invitation but you don't really need to know my telephone number and address.

Last year we had a scrappy party - and it was very successful - so of course it's back by popular demand (or maybe it should just read that it was demanded!!)
I'll let you know what we get up to!


Aspergertopia said...

Those are incredible. Miss Nina must be so excited to hand those out!

Nicole said...

I love these invitations and this pattern in Originals was my favorite from the start.

These are SO cute!