Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hang It Up!

In the new issue of Simple there's a few ideas for displaying finished layouts. Among them is the idea of hanging your finished pages from a curtain rod. Well guess who's been ahead of the game for the last six months then?

I manage to get around 12 layouts along this strip and now as I finish another layout then one has to come down and be put into one of my new Library albums.

I love the little shelf too. It's just wide enough to display cards and mini albums. It's like a mini gallery as you take the stairs down to the basemant and walk towards my scrapbook room at the end.

Oh look, there's that mini album I made the other day too. My room always manages to look clean and tidy just before guests come over. Any other time - it's a complete mess!


Aspergertopia said...

Love it! Think I am going to have to lift this idea.

April D said...

love the idea of hanging up the layouts..your little room is soo cute, nothing like I like how you have just enough room for a few friends to scrap too, mine is small and just big enough for me.

Sonja said...

Curtain rod, Haha! I use mine the same as you... Kinda makes me feel smart for about 2 seconds,lol. Ya know it's nice to look at it for awhile and not "tuck it away" in the album. I too love them up to see. I don't have up as many as you though!