Saturday, February 2, 2008

Creative Mess!

I've been sick the last few days...some bug I caught from my little guy. Even the box of goodies that arrived from CZ wasn't enough to inspire me (away from the sick sofa where Spencer & I have been watching back to back movies!)

In between movies and naps I read and read the read some more Photo Freedom the new Stacy Julian book - I am inspired, filled with creative passion ready to go tackle my own personal journal to a Library of Memories.

I also read Cathy Zielske's Clean & Simple part 2 - love it. I love her slice of life style of scrapbooking. This is where I want to go.

Late this afternoon, filled with a good dose of Motrin I managed to make it down the 5 stairs to my basement scraproom. I was met by this mess:
Lets take a closer look at that shall we?

How can anyONE make that much mess....when they haven't been in the room for like 5 days?!
I am a messy scrapper, that much is true. When I'm in full swing I just pull stuff out and pile it on top of ...the pile. Very rarely do I clean up when I'm finished. I'm a clean up before I begin again kind of girl.

This particular pile is also overloaded by that bumper pile of goodies from my winnings as well as a rather substantial delivery of CTMH products too.

All the new arrivals just got carted downstairs and dumped right in the first available spot.
I haven't sniffed a brand new acrylic stamp set, opened a new package of patterned paper and re-stacked it (have to do this, always!) or even tried out that new Versamat.

Lots to catch up on then..............

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