Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blocks of Colour

I've been asked about the colour blocking thing again - so I thought I'd post the story so far. 
I took the class with Jill Hildebrand at Saskatchewan Scraps. Jill's the kind of girl who likes to do this fast - really fast and use papers, any papers that really don't go together. 
That's when the magic happens; you put all these scary patterns together - not really worrying about it and you end up with something that just works - in a very small amount of time. Which is great for a procrastinator like me. Have a look and see what you think.

I love doing this so much now that I've set up a colour blocking folder. All the pattern scraps go in there and lots of the old stash that really, let's face it, I'm never going to use. That's all I need. Actually that's all I allow myself to use - which speeds things up no end.
I'm going through all the old storage albums (LOM style) scrapbooking all the old pictures this way. I'm getting lots done, the stories are going on paper and I feel like I'm doing something to reduce the ever growing pile of photo's. Gotta love that!
Every now and then I come across some photo's that I want to do a bit more with. So then I flick through my new inspiration binder (that's thanks to Wendy Smedleys Organised & Inspired class at BPS) and I'm off and away. 


Sheryl said...

Fantastic LO's. I love all the colour blocking you've done. It feels great when you sit down to scrap and can finish a LO or 2 in an hour!

Leanne said...

"Walk this Way" is BRILLIANT, chickee!

cindy said...

Fun! Love the buttons around the flower petals. Great job:)