Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scrapbook Saturdays

Another successful Scrapbooking Saturday - in more ways than one.

I can't imagine how many pages were completed yesterday - some people seem to work like they're powered by steam.

We tried an entirely random potluck for lunch and we didn't get 15 desserts!! AND we had enough yummy food left over for supper too. So, thank you to everyone who participated!

It's great being able to put enough tables out that we can all sit down and eat together -catching up with old friends & building new friendships whilst we scrapbook.
The other great thing about that was being able to do some scrapbooking myself!

Usually at any event like this I am really unable to focus on anything.
That was until I took Jill Hildebrants colour blocking class a few weeks ago - now I'm flying! Six pages of colour blocking AND a regular funky page too.

I decided to use colour blocking as a way of getting through LOADS of scrapbooking fast. Which means getting heaps of older photos out of the storage albums and into my Library of Memories. Whilst going through the 1999/2000 storage album I even found two possible mini albums - and I have at least one photo album ready to use!

Here's one table of very busy ladies. One of their number was insistant that she was not scrapbooking, merely sticking photo's in albums. This lady even inspired her friend with a cool idea for a scrapbook page but STILL insisted that she's not scrapbooking. Like we live on the dark side! One day. One day soon, she'll try a stamp or a piece of patterned paper. I know she will.

There's just two more dates left for this season. May 9th (the weekend after the yard sale) and June 13th - this one will go until midnight! If you want to come join us send me an email!


Aspergertopia said...

Had a blast! And the potluck was a fantastic idea.

jkddz said...

darn the 9th is yet another Baton Competition!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be at the June 13th one...can't wait!!

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Love you're layout.