Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finally I finished my least common layout from Lesson 2 of LOM. Going though the albums and labelling them really was the easy part. I think I made the scrapbooking part harder than it needed to be by not stopping to think ..... .... about what I was doing (pretty normal for me!).
I put pictures of my very special pen-friend & I together from every visit we've ever had - the first in 1987 the most recent in 2007 - but then I still had to answer why. Why what? Why we're such good friends? Why we're still friends? Why she inspires me to be a better person?
Lesson learned - have the story in my head first. It was so hard - I wanted to write the WHOLE story of how Leanne & I became friends and where we are at now in our friendship - and I had to stop myself, over & over again.

The story of Leanne & I will, I am sure be a HUGE section in my new Library of Memories albums - under People We Love and in Places We Go. I could probably even squeeze out a few Things we Do too!

I've never worked so hard on getting the journalling right - but I'm glad I did.

Lesson 4 will be up in 2 days time - so now I had better go get busy completing the tasks from Lesson 3!


leanne said...

How fantastic are those pictures? So many great memories...The Keg, Mt. McKay, my first visit to your house in CANADA, Michael's back garden in 1987 and my favourite - our birthday picture with the penis cake (courtesy of ML!) I adore you, Karen. This page makes me cry happy tears.
Love, Leanne

Aspergertopia said...

Awesome Karen! I am so glad you found your WHY! What a great start to this story you want to tell.

Nicole said...

Soooo pretty! I love this paper set! The colors look great. I am so wishing I had signed up for the LoM class.