Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another blank

this is another blank - still no picture to complete it. I have to confess that this is a complete scraplift from a Maggie Holmes layout published in Memory Makers January 2008 edition (pp86). Right down to the subject - "sometimes I wish.........."

At the moment I am having too much fun pulling photos from all their hiding places and organising them Stacy style.
Tomorrow sees the beginning of week two in the Library of Memories classroom - with a chat on Saturday morning - can't wait for that.
I've printed all the photos from 2007 that I would like to scrapbook and I'm working through 2006 - I'm just about ready to hit Costco with the next installment. The girls up there are getting to know me!

The best thing so far? I finally bought myself a kitchen timer - (ok, so it's a nice sleek, black KitchenAid one!!)and I set it for 15 minutes to get me through a task. Right now I know it takes 8 minutes to flat iron my hair (Time left over!) and 10 minutes to put orders in bags and staple the orer form to the front! This little timer is so much fun! Focused on the task at hand for just 15 minutes - stuff is getting done! (And I'm not stopping off at the computer to daydream for half an hour!)

Scrapbook Saturday this weekend - and it's a 9am until midnight session. Better get organised for that one then....

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