Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I'm not the most prolific scrapbooker (or blogger for that matter) butI am a hoarder and a keeper of MANY scraps & pieces of paper & memorabilia BUT all these reminders of days past accumulate around the house - ending up nowhere - collecting dust!
Then with a little bit of (more) inspiration from The Big Picture I came up with this solution.

A place for all of us (KAGS) to keep all our notes, scraps, tickets and tags.
I did consider making monthly pockets - but as it's already July - and my sense of order says you can't start a monthly book in July - I have tabbed sections for each of us individually, a section for "home" and one for the garden (I'm thinking it's a place I can keep plant tags safe for next year).

Now, I won't have all my bits & pieces in a million places - I'll have a million pieces in one place!

I'm thinking this could also work for a pregnancy journal, a wedding planning book, a travel journal - I could be making a stack of these!

Watch for the July newsletter - there are some workshop dates on there to come make one with me!

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