Friday, July 20, 2007

I know I said Monday - hey, maybe Friday is the new Monday!!!

I have had many ideas for the next challenge floating around in my tired out brain but none of them really gripped me - you know? Then Jenn was here yesterday and we had a brief chat about the challenges and that got me bouncing all over the place. One thing she did mention was getting someone else to post a challenge.

Famous last words JENN. You will be the challenger for the week I am away. I'll set you up and you can post on Monday July 3oth!

Anyhow, this is where I was thinking, while lounging by the pool yesterday afternoon.
I only just noticed, I only just realised how much I had missed conversations with Spencer. (I know I'm a rotten parent!) We talk about the funniest things while we're out running errands in the van or just hanging out just he & me.
I noticed because these last few days we've been back to almost normal, no visitor and Georgina out at camp it's been regular he and me days again. And he's started chatting again - (because there's no competition for my attention & ears now).

Yesterday while were in the van on our way to his hair appointment he made up a quiz - and I had to answer his questions on how things were made or worked. He would tell me if I was correct or not with the answers!
It reminded me of the many conversations we had about how Spencer used to work at Zeprent (?) where he used to be a train driver when he was bigger.
I need to scrapbook that before it gets lost in the cobwebs of my mind.

GET TO THE POINT!! I hear you cry. Sooo, here's the challenge:

STOP! Listen to your kids today. Hear what they are saying. Create a page about something they said, or a conversation they had, with someone today.



Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Fiona here. This person has to confess that this is the first time I have sat down and gone on your blog and read it all. Wow, its so impressive and your idea today is like many of us parents. Were so busy running around working that I really can't remember the last time I sat and actually spoke to each of my girls on thier own. My own challenge this week is to give them each a period of time to just sit and chat. Can't wait to do a page on our conversations. Thanks Karen. Fiona

Adventures In RDI said...

Awesome idea as always Karen. I can't wait to get started on it!

I am not sure I can do you justice while you are away. Although, I do have a few ideas swimming up there.

Connie said...

I'm new to your sight and love it. Thanks for sharing good ideas with everyone. Was wondering if there is directions that you are willing to share for the box. Seems I love to do all different types of boxes. If so my email is