Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Saturday's date is That got me thinking.....

What if I was to give you a list of 7 things with which to build a page
Photos; Patterned Paper; Journalling; Cardstock; Brads; Techniques; Stamps and then said you had to use only one of one item, two of another, three of another and so on until you for to seven of the last item in your list?
What if that page was then about you? and how about that page had to be SEVEN things about YOU, right now, today?
Here's the one I made yesterday. My list goes like this:
1 photo; 2 stamps; 3 techniques (sponging, inking, scissor distressing); 4 patterned papers; 5 pieces of cardstock; 6 brads; 7 things about me (journalling)!

I guess we could make it really fun and make that page at 7am on July 7th, 2007 - but I can't imagine there's anyone up for being here at 7am!


EDITED 08/07/07 TO ADD
: Kari's the first one in with a layout for this challenge

Excellent job with the hand drawn doodles and the colouring Miss K!

EDITED JULY 14th TO ADD: Jenn has been working away and as usual amazes me!

Here's how Jenn used the supply list:- 1 photo, 2 pattern pages, 3 techniques (inking, sanding, cutting -circle), 4 cardstock papers, 5 brads, 6 stamps, 7 journalling.

Here's Tammi's reply to the challenge - WOW - great job Tammi! Here's Tammi's supply list:-
1 photo, 2 letters, 3 cardstock, 4 techniques (stamping, inking, scissor distressing, and sandpapering—I actually had to use a nail file as I couldn’t find any sandpaper), 5 stamps (the ‘A’ , ‘L’, ‘B’, ‘E’ and ‘C’ in 5 of my sentences), 6 embellishments (5 beads? and 1 flower), 7 Journalling.


Kari said...

I'm in!!! I have already thought about doing this for a while!!! and the other one will have to get done tonight...waiting on my pictures from Shoppers..but have the idea and everything....hope to send them to you soon

Aspergertopia said...

Love the idea Karen (I am already planning). Thank you for challenging me, I am loving being challenged right now, not only in scrapbooking but in other areas of life too. I haven't challenged myself for so long, it really feels good. It's really helping me feel happy with who I am (and kind of proud too) and scrapbooking helps me express it!

I love the camps you have planned and I want in on everyone of them (surprise, surprise) but I won't be able to do any of them in July as Paul will be in Ireland. So it looks like August for me! (I am especially excited about the notebook).

Aspergertopia said...

Ooh, almost forgot - Love your layout - It is so tempting to scraplift, and the paper is perfect!