Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Craftiness

You know the holidays are coming when
the house is covered in Prisma Glitter and quite a few other projects too.

Like this tray I bought at Dollarama - along with some red acrylic paint. A few scraps of paper and a stamp set later, I have a lovely tray for the season.
Of course I couldn't resist trying out the white StazOn ink on another of those Dollarama jars either.

Then there's this papercrafted pine cone. I found on here with some step by step instructions. I found 2.5 inch styrofoam balls at Dollarama - 8 in a package too!

How about another gate-fold card? I wondered if I used a couple of circles and the scallop edge of a corner rounder I might be able to make something that looks like a wreath. It's not too bad.

Here's the inside

I picked up a tip from the Stamp Goddess - mixing liquid glass & red re-inker - but then I also added in some pearly create a shade paint - just because it's like making mud pies and you have to play!
Here's another set of Christmas cards too.

I'm hoping to put together a couple of sessions for Christmas cards & paper crafting. If you'd like to join us, leave a comment!

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