Thursday, October 16, 2008

Major Creating Going On Here!

Today was a bit of a catch up day for me - doing some jobs that have been on my to do list for a while - some for a very long while.

This stack of cards were made for school a request that was made - I can't say how long ago. When someone says "when you have time" there is no deadline. That doesn't work for me! The card design is from the Close To My Heart Originals card program
Next up these great underwear cards.

Now don't go thinking I'm the original designer of these - far from it. I got the idea from Stamp Owl where you'll also find the template that I used to make these.

I've have had lots of fun making a multi tude of bra & panties. They're great to send to your girl friends to say "thanks for the support" or maybe "you give me a lift"
But this is Breast Cancer awareness month too - wouldn't it be a great way to remind your girlfriends to pay a bit more attention to their boobs?

Great fun shading in the cleavage too - on both cards!!!!

Next, thanks to a little inspiration from Saucy and Jenn with their Dollarama finds and some unused StazOn in my stash I had the blinding flash of inspiration to create these jars.

So far I've delivered three today filled with yummy chocolate chip shortbread.

I think I'll be sending the Hallowe'en ones' to school for Daisy & Doodlebugs classrooms - filled with candy rather than the chocolate chip shortbread.

Now, I have to go and figure out my order for Shelley at Word To The Wall. I had a party here last week and thanks to everyone who came I have loads of writing for my walls to choose from.
I think I'm going to get this one. I thought I could put this one above my hall of fame in my scrap space and maybe I'll put this this one on the tile I get for hosting the party.

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Anonymous said...

Love the boobs and bum templates!! Have copied them and hope to have a go at making some soon!! Mags xx