Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I just posted this picture on my other blog HERE.

I am so happy to have found Tracy Joy and her beautiful camera bags. In fact, I think I could be starting a trend, right here in Saskatoon.
Kari is waiting for hers to arrive. It won't be long before Tami feels the need and then Jenn's got a birthday coming up pretty soon too.
I love messenger bags - can't be doing with anything that has to be constantly hoisted back up the shoulder - and I knew I wanted to be hands free while out and about with a camera and still have room to store a drink and a snack for at least a child!
Here's my Kristine bag today - loaded with a camera, "the big lens" a wallet, keys and my creative planner - oh and I found a Lego Star Wars clone head in there too!

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Aspergertopia said...

love it! And so jealous. OOooo la la. Love the new do.