Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Butterfly Tri Fold Card

I don't like to start each every post with "it's been a while" - you know how it is - life gets busy and you just have to do what you can to make it through. It would probably help if I was a little more organised - but I find that it's easier for me to do what needs to be done on the day it's due!
Now the art class has finished for the season that's one less thing to do (& note to self for next term - spend the summer working on the projects!)

I'm still loving my Library of Memories class. I posted the KAGS title page to the class gallery and was so happy when I sw that Stacy Julian herself had posted a comment on it! (picture me doing my happy dance!)

Here's another version of the tri-fold card. I love how pretty this one is.

I've made so many of these and supervised the making of many more - I still think it's a real simple card to make and the possibilities are endless!

I'll be in trouble though - this one should have been in the mail a while ago!

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