Sunday, June 3, 2007

June Challenge I

Here it is - this thing has been swimming around in my head for two weeks now and has developed and grown into the first ever challenge on Paper, Trimmer Scrap!

We're going to start off by getting personal. This one's about you. I'm not going to ask you to revel your innermost secrets - so don't start to panic!

I'm going to ask you to document a day in you life. Take your camera everywhere show me what you see.

*What's the first thing you do in the morning? Put on your glasses? Make coffee? Go for a walk?
Breakfast - do you participate?
*Take your camera to work - and while it may not be possible (or ethical) to photograph your colleagues you can show me what you see. On your desk - do you have your own coffee mug - are you a neat pile of work kind of girl - or do you like to spread?
Are you a list maker? Do you have a day timer?
How do you end your day? What makes your day?
What can't you live without?
This page is about you - the world from your eyes.
These are not questions you have to answer with your photographs and subsequent layout - merely the springboard to get you thinking and composing.

Show Me

This challenge will run until June 23rd. Layouts can be any size (6x6, 9x9, 8x11, 12x12 or 12x15) any number of photos can be used.


Jenn G has risen to the challenge and completed the project. Any one else? I can't goad to much - as I haven't yet completed this challenge myself! (Ooops!) Well done to Jenn for doing this and in a style that's outside her scrapping box! I love it!

EDITED JULY 5th Here's what's kept Kari so quiet - not a day in the life of - a whole month - and a month that shows the change in career. Well done to you Kari and thanks for sharing!


Kari said...

WOW I am up for that...just entered a photo contest too....I will be emailing everyone to PLS vote for you think I am worthy of it....
Don't think I will push the inside pictures of the school and all..but I have some ideas too...on how to show my transformation from daycare to Teacher...
Are you coming on Saturday...think Dj is in a soccer thing all weekend ...but I will just leave for her games and maybe do a Tim's run too for everyone
talk to you soon

Aspergertopia said...

ooooohhhhhhhh! Great minds think alike! Boy we are on the same page in thinking. It is kind of eeerie actually(lol) I had my camera out and was shooting pictures as I was driving this morning, with this very layout in mind. Love this idea Karen!

Thank you