Friday, August 24, 2007

It's coming - my head is buzzing!

Edited August 28th
It's going to be BIG - but it's going to be small. It's something I'm hoping new & old can have fun with - for just a few moments a day! Any ideas yet?
(in case you haven't noticed I am trying to tease you - but it's not working is it??)
Two more days and I'll tell all - promise.
Edited August 30th
It is going to be an altered pack of cards (I'm thinking this is what you guessed Jenn) That's why there's a 52 in the picture above. 52 cards - 52 days - that makes it a BIG project. A deck of cards makes it a pretty small piece of art (everyday!). I'm thinking this is something old scrappers needing something different will love it, I'm thinking new scrappers will enjoy the smaller canvas.
It's going to be called "Reasons to be Cheerful" and yep, you guessed it, everyday you have to scrap a reason to be cheerful on an altered playing card. Even if one day the only reason to be cheerful is because the sky is blue - or the phone didn't ring - or the baby didn't puke!

I bought my deck of cards at the dollar store last week. I think a 2" binder ring should be man enough to hold all the cards together - and tied up with the (optional) ribbon. This is an ideal time to use paper scraps we've been saving - this does not need to be a colour co ordinating exercise - it's about realising how much we have to be happy about!

I'm using a joker to make the front & back covers in advance. That gives me 52 full days of fun.

We start on Tuesday September 4th. Any ideas why?

Are you with me - or am I doing it alone?

I don't want to be the only one posting a card every day - so I want yours too!

EDITED AGAIN August 30th
I've nearly finished Jenns challenge - anyone else. Send it to me to post!

Stamp club is next week Friday September 7th at fionas - did everyone get the email?


Adventures In RDI said...

Dying to know!!! I have no idea, and yes your teasing is working. Can't wait till tomorrow.

Adventures In RDI said...

okay, just as I posted that comment, I think I figured it out. I may be way off, so I don't want to embarass myself or ruin the surprise by guessing. I will have to wait and see.

Adventures In RDI said...

"Yup", as I sit here smiling and shaking my head. I guessed it alright, although I had no idea what the subject would be.

I have to say, Karen, this challenge couldn't have come at a better time for me. I have taken to writing down 3 beautiful things that happen everyday- and some days it is just the sky; Nonetheless, it acts as a way to focus on the positives that happen everyday, despite all the blah stuff.

Positive energy out, means positive energy in, right - the laws of attraction.

So thank you for giving me the creative outlet to being more positive.

Adventures In RDI said...

Oh and I did get your email about Fiona's. I thought I emailed you back. Sorry, knowing my head at the minute, I probably didn't. I will definately be there. Looking forward to it!!! Can I bring something?

Adventures In RDI said...
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